iLOQ 5 Series - Logging settings - Lock log automatic removal

Question 1

Q: Lock logs, if I select remove after 100 days – is that 100 days from the audit trail collection date or 100 days from the server date? 

A: When setting the system to delete log automatically it is counting the days from the date of the event.

Q: So just to understand, if I use the lock today (and never again) and in 101 days take a audit trial from the lock (offline) and have the logs to delete after 100 days – the access events won’t actually appear in the software under audit trail for that lock

A: Yes, if the locks have RTC installed (lock events has date stamp from which the 100 days can be calculated)

If no RTC installed, no date stamp, and then the 100 days is calculated from the date of the import to the server.


Nice and simple ?


Question 2

Q: In relation to logs, if I don’t select the logs to be automatically deleted how long will they stay on the server?

A: Log will stay in the server “forever”. There is no deadline or limit when it would be automatically deleted, if you don’t set it yourself in the system settings.

Question 3:

Q: Is there any way to recover events that have been removed?

A: Once logs are removed – no way to recover.

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