Troubleshooting Phone Key App

Table 1. Troubleshooting Phone Key App

iLOQ notifications are not visible on the Android status bar and notification drawer.

Allow notifications for the Phone Key App application in Android settings. For more information, see your phone documentation.

Sometimes third-party applications can prevent notifications. In this case, configure these apps to enable iLOQ notifications.

iLOQ notification shows key status as No keys, contact admin.

The Phone Key is not on the phone memory. The reason can be:

  • The administrator has removed the Phone Key. Contact the administrator.

  • The internal security mechanisms of the phone have removed the Phone Key. This can be due to two reasons:

    • You have removed the SIM card.

      Insert the SIM card and restart the application.

    • You have manually changed the date and time on the phone.

      Activate automatic date and time and restart the application.

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