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Time Profiles

With time profiles, you can define how the keys behave with locks on specific week days and times.

There are two types of time profiles:

  • fixed time profile is always identical on keys. If you later edit the time profile, it affects all keys within this profile, as the time profile schedule is only stored on the keys.

    You can use this type of time profile, for example, as a general time limitation for a group of people, such as maintenance personnel. If the working hours of maintenance personnel change, you only have to edit once the time profile, not each individual key, to make the change.

  • An editable time profile is not necessarily identical on all keys. When you create this type of a time profile, you define time restrictions that are suggested to the key, but which can be key-specifically edited. If you later edit the time profile, it does not affect the existing keys having this profile. However, the edited profile is suggested when adding the profile to a key.

    You can use this type of time profile, for example, for individual time limitations to a specific lock.

    Use case example

    A company has a server room, and employees should have more restricted access to the room than their general time profiles allow.

    Instead of creating new fixed time profiles for each employee group for the server room, you create one server room-specific time profile that is editable. When you assign the time limitation to, for example, a maintenance person key, you select this profile and define the desired time limits, which apply to this room and key only.

    You can use the same time profile for a cleaner, with different time limitations.

There are three time profile settings for locks:

  • Not time limited — If you select this option, the lock ignores all time profiles on keys. In other words, the keys function 24/7 even if they do have a time profile.

  • Apply all time profiles on a key — If you select this option, the lock applies all time profiles on keys.

  • Apply selected time profiles — If you select this option, the lock only applies the selected time profiles on keys. If the selected time profiles do not match with the key time profiles, the key functions all the time.

Regardless of the lock setting, the lock always applies the key validity start and end dates and times.

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