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Viewing Monitored Door Properties

This section describes how to view the properties of a monitored door on iLOQ Manager.

Proceed as follows.

  1. Select Additional data > Monitored doors.
  2. Double-click the selected door.

    The tabs are:

    • Basic information — The fields are:

      • Network module name — This field indicates the network module name to which the Door Module is connected.

      • Door name — The name of the monitored door.

      • Relay number — The number of the input to which the door contact is connected.

      • Door module serial number — The serial number of the Door Module to which the door contact is connected.

      • Relay type — This value is always Switch.

    • Door audit trail — This tab contains the event log on the monitored door. The columns are:

      • Index — The consecutive event number.

      • Point of time — The time when the event took place.

      • Event type — The type of event.

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