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Opening a Lock by Phone Key

This section describes how to open a lock with iLOQ S50 App.

Before you attempt to open a lock, ensure that you have:

  • Mobile data connection

    This ensures that the events are logged to the server, and that you can receive updates to your Phone Key.

    If the lock requires online authentication, mobile data connection ensures that the lock can validate access rights from the server.

  • NFC enabled

    The Near Field Communication (NFC) feature is required for the communication between the mobile device and the lock, and to provide power for the lock.

  • Screen active

    The mobile device screen must not be switched off or locked, as the operating system will disable the NFC feature, if the mobile device screen is switched off or locked.

  • iLOQ S50 App on

    The iLOQ S50 App mobile application must be running, but not necessarily visible on the mobile device screen. It is enough if the application runs in the background. When the application runs in the background, it does not consume the mobile device battery, while idle.

  • Located the NFC area on your mobile device

    You must take the NFC area of your mobile device against the lock reader knob, to open the lock. You can find out the NFC area from the mobile device manufacturer.

  • Phone Key loaded on your mobile device

    Open the Android notification drawer by swiping down from the top of the screen. Ensure that the iLOQ notification shows key status as Refreshed.

  • Defined the mobile device to use automatic date and time

    Key time limitations use date, time and time zone provided by network.

Proceed as follows.

  1. Place the NFC area of the mobile device against the lock reader knob.

    When the mobile device is correctly placed, the application will be opened, and it will start communicating with the lock, indicated by a grey screen.

  2. Keep the mobile device in place until you see a green screen.

    If you see a red screen, you do not have access to the lock.

    If the grey screen suddenly disappears, the communication with the lock has failed. Wait for approximately four seconds and try again.

  3. Open the lock by turning the knob.

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