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Troubleshooting Phone Keys

Table 1. Troubleshooting

The Phone Key remains in the Sent state, after you have sent updated information to the phone.

Contact the Phone Key user and find out why the connection with the phone and the server is cut. The reason for this may be, for example:

  • The user has removed the application from the phone.

    Request the user to re-install the application from Google Play.

    After this, re-register the Phone Key, as follows:

    1. Select Basic data > Browse keys.

    2. Select the key to be returned.

    3. Right-click to select Send to key > Registration request.

    4. A registration request is sent to the phone.

      Having received the registration SMS, the user opens the application, upon which the application automatically registers itself on the server, and the key is removed from the phone.

  • The phone is offline and cannot communicate with the server.

    Request the user to establish a mobile data connection.

  • The user has replaced the SIM card on the phone.

    Request the user to insert the original SIM card to the phone.


    If the original SIM card has been disposed of, the key cannot be removed from iLOQ Manager, but you can hide it. See Hiding Keys. After this, you have a log of keys that cannot be removed. For instructions on viewing these keys, see Viewing Hidden Keys.

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