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iLOQ S10

  • How do I know if a programming token is programmed or empty in iLOQ S10?
  • I'm unable to install P10S.10 driver. Installation of S10 Programming device driver unsuccessful
  • Do current C10S.1x cylinders include a connector?
  • Programming device failed to retrieve log events from a lock
  • How many iLOQ S10 log events in a lock can be stored on the programming device?
  • It is not possible to log in to the iLOQ S10 system even though the programming device is connected to the computer, and the user name and password are correct
  • Programming of lock failed, red status LED. What to do?
  • Programming of iLOQ S10 key failed, what to do?
  • iLOQ Programmer memory full, what to do?

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