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7. Key expiry intervals

The locking system administrator may set a key expiry interval for your key. The key expiry interval is a security feature that requires the user to refresh keys from the server at regular intervals to ensure that the access rights are always up to date.

The key expiry interval is a locking-system-specific setting. If the app has been registered as a key to multiple locking systems, some locking systems may have key expiry intervals set whereas others may not. There can also be different expiry intervals set in different locking systems. If your key is expired (needs to be refreshed), the name of the locking system is shown in yellow followed by a yellow triangle.

To check the key expiry details for a locking system, press the name of the locking system in the Locking Systems view to go to the Locking System Details view. In this view the Key Refresh Status tells you if you need to refresh your key right now or shows the time remaining after which you need to refresh it.

To return to the main screen without refreshing keys from the server, press Close.

To refresh the key from the server and reset the expiry interval counter for the displayed locking systems, press REFRESH.

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