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Adding Apartment Locks

This section describes how to add apartment locks to the system.

At this phase, you add:

  • Basic lock data
  • Additional lock data
  • Access rights

The basic data and additional data views are for entering data of the lock itself and the access rights view is for setting the access rights for the generated locks. As the locks are generated within a controlled process, lock-specific access rights are automatically generated.

This phase is run once only. You are prompted for the information required to generate the locks, and all locks are automatically generated and left in the ordered state. 

Proceed as follows.

  1. Select Add locks: basic data.

    The screen below is opened:

    Figure 1. Adding Apartment Locks - Basic Data
    Adding Apartment Locks - Basic Data

    Enter the basic information, as follows:

    • Approach direction  Approach direction refers to the direction where the lock will be opened from, if the door is equipped with double side lock.

    • Lock cylinder  Lock cylinder refers to the lock cylinder type. Select the type from the drop-down list, or enter the type manually.

    • Clock installed — Select Clock installed if there is a clock circuit in the lock. If the selected Lock cylinder contains a clock, Clock installed will be automatically selected.


      In conjunction with initial programming, always connect the RTC unit to the connection cable on the lock. After this, do not disconnect the RTC unit from the connection cable.

      If you have disconnected the RTC unit from the connection cable, you must restart the RTC unit. You can do this by inserting a programming key, connected to the programming cable, to the keyway of the lock cylinder. Always carry out this procedure after disconnecting the RTC unit.

    • Lock type — Select whether the Lock type is:

      • D5 normal, the lock is an offline lock.

      • S5, the lock is an S5 lock.

      • S5 Online, the lock is an online S5 lock connected to a network module.

        If the lock type is S5 Online, also select whether or not the system automatically receives audit trail events from the lock, by checking the Save lock audit trails automatically check box.

      • S50 normal, the lock is an online S50 lock.

    • Lock collects audit trail — Select whether the lock collects audit trail or not.

    • Allow API access rights — Check Allow API access rights to allow Application Programming Interface (API) access rights for the lock.

  2. Select Next.

    The screen below is opened:

    Figure 2. Adding Apartment Locks - Additional Data
    Adding Apartment Locks - Additional Data

    Enter the additional information, as follows:

    • Door type  Door type refers to the type of door where the lock will be mounted on. 
    • Escutcheon  Escutcheon refers to the shield plate that surrounds the keyhole on the door. 
    • Lock model  Lock model refers to the model of the lock case. 
    • Cylinder extension  Cylinder extension refers to the extension that will be added to the new lock. 
    • Door thickness (mm)  Door thickness indicates the thickness of the door where the lock will be mounted on. 
    • Lock frame depth (mm)  Depth of lock body (mm) indicates the depth of the lock case. 
    • Opening direction  Opening direction indicates the door opening direction. 
    • Note  Note refers to additional information on the lock or the door. 
    • Other equipment  Other equipment refers to other equipment related to the lock or the door. 
    • Conditional access — This check box indicates whether the lock is connected to a device that controls conditional access. 
    • Description of the conditional access — Add a description of the conditional access in this field. You can, for example, describe the device that is controlling the conditional access. 
  3. Select Next.

    The screen below is opened:

    Figure 3. Adding Apartment Locks - Access Rights
    Adding Apartment Locks - Access Rights

    Enter the access right information, as follows:

    The default access right will be automatically added for the lock. 

    1. Select the desired access right in the list on the left.
    2. You can manage the selection of access right with the key buttons as follows:
      •  — Click the Arrows right button to move all items to the selection list. 
      •  — Click the Arrow right button to move the selected item(s) to the selection list. 
      •  — Click the Arrow left button to remove the selected item(s) from the selection list. 
      •  — Click the Arrows left button to remove all items from the selection list. 
  4. Select Next.

    The screen below is opened:

    Figure 4. Adding Apartment Locks - Locks to Be Created
    Adding Apartment Locks - Locks to Be Created

    View the list of locks to be added.

  5. Select Next.

    Continue from the next deployment step.

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