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Editing an Existing Dashboard

This section describes how to edit a previously created dashboard on iLOQ Manager.


You cannot edit or delete the default dashboards.

Proceed as follows.

  1. Select Administration > Dashboard.

  2. From the drop-down list at the top-left corner of the screen, select the dashboard, which you want to edit.

    The dashboard is opened in the editing mode.

  3. To add a new shortcut to the dashboard:
    1. Select the active add shortcut tile emphasised with a light blue background.
      Figure: Active Add Shortcut Tile
      Active Add Shortcut Tile 
    2. Select the target task for the shortcut from the drop-down menu.

      You can search for tasks by writing a keyword to the search field. The search is dynamic, that is, it will start showing results as soon as you start to write the keyword.

    3. When you have found and selected the required shortcut, select OK.

      The selected task is shown on the dashboard as inactive until you save the dashboard.

      Figure: Inactive Shortcut Tile
      Inactive Shortcut Tile 
  4. Optional: Organize the tile order by dragging the tiles to different places on the dashboard.
  5. To remove a shortcut from the dashboard, just drag it out of the screen.
  6. When done, select Save.

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