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Operation Mode 3

This operation mode is intended for connecting a Key Reader or RFID reader, for controlling an electric lock. You can also connect one or two networked lock cylinders.

An example use case is a door where an electric lock is controlled by a reader. A valid key activates the impulse for relay output K1 that is connected to the electric lock. A push button connected to IN1 activates the relay output K1. The K1 relay can also be calendar-controlled. The K2 relay can be used for calendar-controlling an electric lock on another door.

In this case, the Door Module is programmed.

The table below describes the inputs controlling outputs K1 and K2 and whether the outputs are calendar-controllable, and if door status can be connected to the input.

Table 1. Operation Mode 3







You can connect any potential-free contact information, such as a magnetic door contact, to IN2. In this way, you can request for the door status information through iLOQ Manager and view the event log on the door status. If you have to obtain status information from, for example, both the lock strike plate and the door, you can serial connect the lock and door contacts. In this case, the status indicates whether the door is closed and locked, or not.

You can deploy this installation according to the instructions in Controlling an Electric Lock by a Key Reader or RFID Reader. However, set the OPTIONS dip switches as follows:


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