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With the Relay card, you can control one or two devices through the relay outputs K1 and K2.

The available relay modes are:

  • Toggle
  • Impulse
  • Key hold
  • Roller door

In this configuration, a valid key always activates both relay outputs K1 and K2, except in the roller door mode, which is a special connection (see Roller Door). Relay outputs can also be activated with a potential-free contact signal (for example, a push button) to input Button1. In this case, relays K1 and K2 will behave according to the selected relay mode in the same way as with a key.

A practical example for the impulse mode with default delay times: a motorised lock is controlled with an 8 second impulse of the K1 relay, and the K2 relay is used to bypass the magnetic switch of the door, for 30 seconds. When exiting the premises, the user presses a push button, whereupon the motorised lock is opened and the door’s magnetic switch is bypassed for 30 seconds.

See also Appendix 1 - Wiring Diagram for R10S.3 Basic.

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