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Net Bridge Connections

The Net Bridge connections are:

  • ETHERNET / POE — Ethernet LAN connection with Power over Ethernet (PoE) support.
  • DC — Power input for an external power supply.

    Net Bridge always requires an Ethernet connection and power supply. Power supply can be provided through an Ethernet switch supporting PoE, or by an external power supply. The maximum number of connected bus devices depends on several factors. These are:

    • The power supply, that is, the available power.
    • The power consumption of the bus device.
    • The cabling distance, that is, the power loss of the cable.

    If Net Bridge is powered by:

    • PoE, the available power for bus devices is 10 W.
    • PoE+, the available power for bus devices is 20 W.
    • External power supply, the available power for bus devices is 30 W.
  • RS-485 1/2/3 on two rows — Main bus connections (6 pcs). There is one main bus, which can be divided to six parallel branches1.
    To the main bus, you can connect:
    • Door Modules

    • Programming Hot Spots.

  • The USB host is used to upload device configuration data from a USB memory stick to Net Bridge. You create the configuration data while adding Net Bridge to iLOQ S10 Manager software.
  • TOKEN — A locking-system specific token is required when communicating with the server and when handling encrypted programming packages. You program the token while adding Net Bridge to iLOQ S10 Manager software.

There are also configurations that have three physical connectors, each of which can have two branches, totalling six.

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