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A shortcut menu is displayed when you right-click over any of the work areas. Using this shortcut menu, you can access most of the lock maintenance tasks. In addition to the task-specific commands, the menu has the following standard commands:

  • Place columns — Displays a window where you can define your own view by selecting the columns you want to be displayed on the table area, and saving the view as your own view.
  • Additional information — Displays the Properties window, in which you can view information on the selected item (lock, key, user, and so on).
  • Add — Opens a wizard for adding a new item (lock, key, user, etc.) into the system.
  • Select All (CTRL+A) — Selects all the rows in a grid.
  • Show — Select Show > Show only selected ones to only display the selected rows on the grid. If you select the Show only hidden check box, you can view hidden items.
  • Export — Select Export to export the information displayed on the grid, either to the printer or to Excel.

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