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Key Switch R10S.3

The iLOQ R10S.3 Key Switch has been developed for the easy control of peripheral systems by the iLOQ K10S key. The same iLOQ Key used for opening lock cylinders is used as an identification object, to activate additional applications, such as elevators, parking barriers and alarm systems.

Key Switch R10S.3 controls an electrical device through a potential-free relay output. The relay outputs are activated, when a valid key is inserted into the Key reader. You can format and program the key switch in the iLOQ S10 Manager software.

Key switch R10S.3 consists of two products:

  • Programmable Relay card A00.10.
  • Key reader A10.56 or A10.42.

The distance between the Key reader and the Relay card can be up to 100 m. In this way, the controlling sensitive relay parts can be installed in a secured place inside the building.

The Key Switch records the audit trail of lock events.

The product versions are:

Table 1. Key Switch R10S.3 Versions
R10S.3.1Relay card with A10.56.1 surface mounted Key reader
R10S.3.2Relay card with A10.56.2 surface mounted Key reader
R10S.3.3Relay card with A10.42 flush mounted Key reader
R10S.3.4Relay card with A10.56.4 surface mounted Key reader

If necessary, you can expand the configuration with the components below:

  • Relay module A00.11 (8 outputs)
  • 2x Relay module A00.11 (2x8 outputs)
  • Relay module A00.12 (16 outputs)
  • Lock cylinder C10/D10
  • Opening button
  • Parallel Key reader A10.42 / A10.56
  • Real-time clock A00.9

In all configurations, you can use the flush-mounted Key reader A10.42, instead of the surface model Key reader A10.56. In that case, the LED indications will remain unconnected and the Key reader will be connected to the Relay card KEY READER connectors 1-WIRE (red) and GND (black). Key readers can also be connected in parallel.

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