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Controlling an Alarm System

This section describes how to control an alarm system by a Key Switch. The alarm system state can be indicated on the Key Reader.

In this scenario, you program the Key Switch as a lock, which has its own access rights. For this, you have to connect the power supply and a Key Reader to the Relay card, during the first programming.

Proceed as follows.

  1. Set the MODE SELECT 4 dip switch OFF.
  2. Add, format and program the Key Switch on S10 Manager software, see Adding a Key Switch.

    Select the type of lock cylinder as R10S.3.X.

    Select the type of relay configuration as Basic.

    Select the relay mode as Impulse or Toggle according to the alarm system.

  3. Install the Relay card into a tamper-protected alarm system cabinet.
  4. See Appendix 1 - Wiring Diagram for R10S.3 Basic to connect:
    1. The power supply, or use the alarm system power supply, to power the Relay card.
    2. Relay output K1 to the alarm system state change input, according to the alarm system manufacturer's instructions.
    3. Key reader to the Relay card.
    4. The alarm system state information, if wanted, to control the Key Reader's lowermost led, to indicate whether the alarm system is armed or not. In this scenario, you connect the alarm system state information to the Key Reader connectors STAT2 GRNSTAT2 RED and GND.
  5. Mount the key reader.
  6. Test that the installation works.

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