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Administrator Workflow

This section describes what the administrator does when remotely managing key access rights through a Programming Hot Spot.

Proceed as follows.

  1. Make the necessary changes, such as changing access rights or time limitations, to a key on S10 Manager software.
  2. Just order the key programming task.

    If you want to postpone the change availability, select Order and postpone programming on Hot Spot, and set the date and time for the start of availability.

    Postponing the change availability requires that the Postponed Hot spot key update in use setting is in use.

  3. Inform the key owner to visit a Key Programming Hot Spot and update the key by inserting the key.
  4. You can observe the work progress by monitoring the programming state of the key.

    The states are:

    • Ordered — The programming task is pending.
    • Programmed — The key has been updated.

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