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Controlling an Electric Lock by a Code-access Group

This section describes how to connect an electric lock, magnet lock or strike plate, and so on, to be code-access group controlled.

Proceed as follows.

  1. Ensure that the Net Bridge  switch is on STANDBY.
  2. Connect Door Module to a prepared Net Bridge, or continue the bus from the last connected bus device, according to the connection diagram in iLOQ S10 Online System - Planning Guidelines.

    If you continue the bus from another bus device, remember to disable the termination (TERMINATION = OFF) from the device from which you continue the bus.

  3. Connect an RFID reader (with a keypad) to the READER RS-485 bus on the Door Module, according to the connection diagram.
  4. Connect an electric lock control to the relay output K1 or K2, according to the electric lock manufacturer's instructions.

    Do not use the bus power (DC+, DC-) for powering the electric lock.

  5. Set the operation mode 2 by the OPTIONS dip switches as follows:
  6. Set the TERMINATION (TERM) dip switch to the ON position, if this bus device will be the last device on this bus branch. Otherwise, set it OFF.
  7. Write down the serial number of the Door Module.
  8. When you have also connected the other bus devices, finalize the Net Bridge configuration once (see Finalizing the Bus Device Configuration on Net Bridge) and continue this procedure.
  9. On iLOQ Manager software, check that the connected Door Module has been reported to the Net Bridge devices list. You can recognize the Door Module by its serial number.
  10. Set the connected relay as a calendar controlled door. See Adding Calendar Controlled Doors
  11. Add the calendar, unless you already have a suitable calendar for the door. See Adding a Door Control Calendar.
  12. Add the code-access group control to the calendar, unless you already have a suitable calendar with controls. See Adding a Code-access Group Control to a Calendar.
  13. Attach the calendar to the door. See Attaching Calendars to Calendar Controlled Doors.

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