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Programming Keys through the Programmer Memory

This section describes how to program keys through the Programmer memory at the site.

Proceed as follows.

  1. Transfer one or more key programming tasks to the Programmer.
  2. You can logout from iLOQ Manager, if you want.
  3. Unplug the Programmer from the computer.
  4. Go to the site with the Programmer and the token.
  5. Switch on the Programmer.
  6. Connect the key to be programmed to the Programmer by inserting it in the Programmer keyhole.

    Wait until the green status led on the Programmer is illuminated.

  7. Remove the key from the Programmer keyhole.
  8. If necessary, repeat steps 6-7 until the desired keys have been programmed.
  9. Connect the Programmer back to the computer.
  10. Login to iLOQ Manager.
  11. Soon, a reply message is displayed in the lower right corner of iLOQ Manager. When the reply message is received, the executed programming tasks are automatically removed from the Programmer memory.

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