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Relay Modes

You can select the behaviour of the relay outputs, that is, the relay mode, with the Relay card dip switches as described in the table below, or in the iLOQ S10 Manager software.

The relay mode selection in the key switch programming package overrides the relay card dip switch selections 1-3, in which case the dip switch positions 1-3 have no significance, but dip switch 4 must be in the correct position on the Relay card.

There are four relay modes:

  • Toggle — In the toggle mode, the relay output is activated with a valid key. The relay remains active, until the next valid key is read.
  • Impulse — In the impulse mode, the relay output is activated for a certain time with a valid key. The default length for a K1 relay is 8 seconds, and for a K2 relay 30 seconds. The default impulse of the Relay card relays is 8 seconds. The length of the impulses can be changed in the S10 Manager software.
  • Key hold — In the key hold mode, the relay output is active for as long as a valid key is in the Key reader.
  • Roller door — In the roller door mode, the relay outputs are activated with buttons when a valid key is in the Key reader. With this mode, you can use different buttons to control, for example, a roller door to move upwards or downwards.
Table 1. Relay Mode Dip Switches
ModeDip 1Dip 2Dip 3Dip 4
Key holdOnOnOffOff
Roller doorOnOnOnOn

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