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Programmer Controls

The Programmer is depicted in the figure below.

Figure: iLOQ Programmer
iLOQ Programmer

The LED indicators are:

  • BATT — The battery/communication indicator.

  • STATUS — The status indicator.

A successful lock programming results in the light sequence below:

  • When you insert the programming cable, the BATT light switches on red.
  • After a while, the BATT light turns orange.
  • The STATUS light switches on green.

Indicator light color codes are presented in more detail in the figure below:

Indicator lightDescription
  • Green light — Is on when the device is on powered by the batteries, and the batteries have enough power.
  • Red light — Is on when there is not enough power in the batteries. Switches on for a short while also when the lock programming cable is inserted to the lock.
  • Orange light — Is on when the device is communicating with the lock.
  • Green light — The programming was done successfully.
  • Green blinking light — The lock's log was read successfully.
  • Red light — A programming error. The Programmer may contain, for example, an incorrect programming package type for the lock.
  • Red blinking light — The Programmer memory is full.
  • Red light blinks twice — The clock bus of the lock is short-circuited. Proceed as follows:

    • On Europrofile cylinders, retry programming. Do not turn the programming cable in the cylinder.
    • On oval cylinders, check the real-time clock wire for any damage.
  • While programming the lock and after an orange BATT light, if the STATUS light is not switched on at all, and the BATT light returns to green, the Programmer memory contains no programming package intended for the lock.
  • Orange light — The lock is already in the status to which you are attempting to program it.

A green light is on when the device is connected to a computer through a USB port. The device is powered through the USB cable.


If a Bluetooth module is connected to the device, a green light blinks momentarily after the power is switched on (the Programmer model P10S.20).

Green light is on when the device is connected to a computer using Bluetooth.

All indicators
  • Blinking red — The Programmer does not have a time. The Programmer cannot be used to program locks or to pick audit trails until its time has been synchronized with the locking system time, by connecting the device to iLOQ Manager.
  • Blinking orange — The Programmer is updating a lock firmware version.

The buttons are:

  • The power button.
  • The LOG button for picking audit trail events.

The connectors are:

  • A 3.5 mm jack for connecting the lock programming cable.
  • A USB connector for connecting the Programmer with the PC.
  • A connector for the Token.
  • A keyhole for programming keys.

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