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Identifying a Lock

This section describes how to identify locks on iLOQ Manager.

You may want to identify a lock, if you do not know if the lock is part of the system or not, and to find out the placement of the lock in the system

Proceed as follows.

  1. Select Basic data > Browse locks.

  2. Enable Programming state.
  3. Insert the lock programming cable into the lock that you want to identify.
  4. If the lock belongs to this iLOQ Locking System, the system displays the lock placement number, and programs the lock, if a programming task has been ordered for it.


    • The lock belongs to another iLOQ Locking System, the system displays a message on this.

    • The lock is in the factory state, the system suggests to deploy it, if the deployment of new locks is ordered. If you choose to deploy the lock, keep the against the lock during the entire procedure.

  5. Remove the lock programming cable from the lock.

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