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Calendar Controlled Doors

Calendar controls are used to control electric locks on doors. If all the door locks must be open at the same times, you can control them by using one calendar only. In other words, you do not have to create a separate calendar for each door.

If a door needs to have different open times, you can create a separate calendar for this door. A door can also be controlled by several calendars.

The calendar types are:

  • Door control calendar — A door control calendar can only be attached to a calendar controlled door. A door control calendar can contain two types of control types:

    • Direct control — The door is controlled to be open or closed at different times.

    • Code access group control — You can define the times in the calendar, when the door can be opened by using a code. At the defined times, the door can be opened by entering an access code on the keypad. This code is only valid on the times defined in the calendar.

      Code access groups are meant to allow door access to people, such as visitors, who do not and will not have a key.

  • One calendar can have several controls of both control types.

  • Key PIN-code time calendar — A key PIN-code time calendar can only be attached to locks. In the key PIN-code time calendar, you define the times when the lock requires key holders to enter a PIN-code on the keypad, in addition to using a key.

    This calendar feature must be separately activated, before it can be used.

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