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Managing Programmer Content Remotely through Programming Hot Spot


This feature only works with Programming Hot Spots connected to a Net Bridge main bus.

With this feature, you can centralize the system management on software, and distribute the physical programming of locks.


An administrator makes changes, such as blacklisting lost keys or changing access rights, to offline locks on S10 Manager software. The administrator only orders the lock programming tasks. There is another person at the remote site, who will take care of the physical re-programming of locks, without using any software. The person:

  • Downloads the programming tasks to the Programmer memory through Programming Hot Spot.
  • Re-programs the defined offline locks and, possibly, collects audit trail events.
  • Uploads the reply messages to the system through Programming Hot Spot.

The person only needs a Programmer equipped with a Token that is part of the system. However, the Token needs no access to the S10 Manager software.

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